slider-img What is the truth about essential oils?

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The truth about essential oils is sometimes hard to decipher with the flurry of information flying about on the web and all the books about it currently being published. LEO is committed to getting to the core of things and laying out the facts from many viewpoints so you can make educated choices about how you use essential oils personally.

Truth in the case of essential oils comes in several forms--absolute, traditional, mythical, and evolving.

One absolute truth of essential oils is that they are the pure aromatic liquid volatile substances obtained from a particular plant through steam distillation or expression (pressing) of the peel in the case of citrus fruits. If that aromatic liquid substance is obtained through any other means, it is not truly an essential oil. Instead it may be classified as a concrete, absolute, or CO2 extract.

It is also absolutely true that each essential oil is comprised of numerous chemical constituents, or components, each contributing it's own unique therapeutic action to the essential oil allowing them to be used for a multitude of reasons from anxiety to getting some zzz's and a host of other conditions in between.

Absolutely, do not ever put essential oil in your eye. That is the truth. It stings like crazy!